Know which types of Van Cleef & Arpels Magic Alhambra Bracelet jewelry should be kept dry. Pieces of jewelry with gemstones that are glued into their setting (like many earrings) should not be submerged in water. Warm water can loosen the glue, which can cause your gemstones to fall out, especially when subjected to a thorough brushing. For these types of jewelry, use a special cleaning method that avoids total submersion in water.
Wipe the van cleef arpels bracelet replica jewelry with a wet, soapy cloth. Make a small quantity of dish soap solution as in Method One. Dip a soft, delicate towel in the solution and gently scrub your jewelry.
"Rinse" the jewelry with a cloth dampened with plain water. Gently dab a wet cloth onto the jewelry, taking care to soak up any leftover soap suds.
Lay or hang the pieces upside down after cleaning. Allow your jewelry to dry in this way. By letting your cheap van cleef arpels vintage bracelet jewelry dry upside down, you allow any remaining moisture to drip out, ensuring it won't soak into the setting.


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