Just from the "rose gold" name will be able to read its romantic, rose gold is what gold? Compared to the distribution of golden gold jewelry and noble and elegant replica Van Cleef Arpels clover Perlee bracelet, the rose gold more added a life and a trace of playful. In recent years, whether it is walking in the red carpet of the public star or often participate in the dinner of the workplace women or ordinary fashion girls will wear all kinds of rose gold accessories, romantic rose gold can be described as the new darling of fashion. Love life series of pure life -18K gold second hand Van Cleef Arpels jewelrygrams of the emperor couple on the ring What is gold on rose gold? Xiao Bian here to tell you that it is actually a kind of 18k gold, by 75% of the gold with 25% of the other precious metals, precious metals will not show the same different colors, generally k white,replica van cleef arpels Perlee Pendant  k yellow, K red several kinds. Rose gold and traditional gold and platinum compared to the higher hardness, it is suitable for inlaid large gem, not only can make the color of colored stones more intense, but also reflects the fine metal material, delicate. Legend of Rose Gold was first used by jewelry designers inlaid precious stones and relief, or the production of brooms and other jewelry, as the cold metal seems to add a trace of warmth. Today, the application of replica van cleef arpels braceletrose gold is very wide, and fashion elements where there is the presence of rose gold. After the production process is mature, innovation after the design of rose gold more diversified style, craft details on the more even more superb. Style on a square, apex-shaped, oval, rivet-shaped, pear-shaped, and so on. Different styles of jewelry, can be described as bright dazzling, whether it is professional wear or evening dress or even personalized clothing can be used with a different taste, highlight the different temperament. In addition, rose gold is also a symbol of romantic love, it contains a warm and meaningful feelings, is given to the other half of the innocent gift. Rose itself is a symbol of love flowers, born for love. And rose gold naturally will be very popular, every replica Van Cleef Arpels Alhambra ringrose gold jewelry as if in the tenderness poem to talk about love people love flattery, it is essential to highlight the essential labels, understand the rose gold is what the next You should enjoy it to bring you the brilliant, to ensure that you will put it down!